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Cautions for the Use of Baby Shaker

Jul. 16, 2020

Electric Baby Swing ChairIntroduction of baby shaker

Electric baby swing chair adopts electromagnet drive method, can play beautiful lullaby when working, and more than ten music loops can also be played (you can also record your favorite music according to the young mother's preferences). Have fun. The product is equipped with a sound-sensing device, which can automatically swing according to the crying and laughing of the baby, and is equipped with a large enough soft cotton cushion and cushion to make the baby sit comfortably and comfortably for the young mother.

The benefits of Baby Electric Rocking Chair

Stable and balanced shaking, you can use the baby's brain nerve to adjust smoothly and fall asleep quickly. The experiment found that the time to fall asleep using the electric cradle is 2-4 minutes earlier than the time to fall asleep to the traditional manual cradle. It has been confirmed by experts that the swing amplitude of the traditional manual cradle is unstable and the swing speed is also unstable. Dizziness and milk spitting occurred during shaking. The automatic cradle can adjust the stable swing according to the needs of the baby, and has a good effect on the protection of the baby's brain nerves. Therefore, children fall asleep quickly and calmly.

Cautions for use of baby shaker

1. Standards:

The first consideration should always be that the crib must meet strict standards.

2. Bed edge fence:

Try to choose a cylindrical fence, the distance between the two bars should not be more than 6 cm, to prevent the baby's head from sticking out from the middle.Some mothers like more complex patterns, carved more crib, in fact, such a bed is not safe enough for the child.Because the bed bars or embouchure on the bed can easily catch the child's clothing, the child can be injured in collisions when struggling to free himself or herself.

3. Positioning card lock:

The crib edge usually has two high and low adjustment positions on either side of the crib. These adjustment controls must have a fixed card lock function against the child (i.e. the child cannot lower the crib edge by himself).Some cribs are designed with a single side adjustment control, which reduces the chance of accidental release.

4. All surfaces of cribs must be painted with a protective layer to prevent cracking:

The baby that is growing a tooth likes to chew thing with the mouth, because this the bilateral horizontal bar of bed edge must install protective cover, the parent should notice metallic material crib must not contain the element harmful to the child's body such as lead absolutely.

5. Use of fence:

The height of palisade is advisable with tall mattess commonly 50 centimeters.If it is too low, the child is in danger of climbing over the fence and falling as soon as he can hold on to it and stand.If it is too high, it is inconvenient for parents to pick up or put the baby down.So, choose a crib with a movable door attached to the fence or a fence that can be lowered so you don't have to bend down to hold the baby or change the baby's diaper, and it won't cause back pain.

6. Crib size:

Crib if too small, with a year or so will be phased out, it seems a bit wasteful.But if it's too big, it doesn't provide a sense of security.

7. Decorative patterns:

Baby electric rocking cradle exporter reminds you that don't wear stickers on the surface of Baby beds. If the stickers are out of place, children are likely to rip them off and fill the imports.And brightly patterned poster paper tends to irritate the child, usually warm colors of the regular pattern will make the child calm and happy.Some cribs have a variety of colors, if the paint contains lead, when the baby nibble on the railing there is a risk of lead poisoning, lead poisoning, will make the baby appear anemia.


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